Another Alleged iPad 2 Case Caught On Camera

It’s possible that the suppliers who gave 9to5mac this case are just plain lying that they know the specs, but if release really is imminent, it’s also possible that this is the real thing. Personally I’d guess this is a non-final “draft” based on preliminary or rumored specs, as Apple is likely to be extra-careful about who it sends the info to this time around.

If we go with the assumption that it’s real, though, it’s looking mighty thin, as we heard it would be, though we’re no wiser regarding the mystery port at the top right. I really have no idea what it would be — not storage, since that would mess up Apple’s whole system. Not SIM. Not USB (they’ll likely just do an adapter). Not DisplayPort or MiniDVI (adapter again, and at any rate Apple wants you to watch things on the device, not from it).

It really is a mystery to me, especially considering how thin the sucker is. Any guesses out there?