A Very Happy 25th Birthday To The Legend Of Zelda

We’re seeing a lot of 25th anniversaries of well-loved gaming franchises lately, and for good reason: the NES came out in 1986, so necessarily its launch titles and big sellers will be having birthdays around now. They’re like the baby boomer generation of games, all the same age, all sharing the same historical milestones. “Remember when we went 16-bit for the first time?” I sure do.

At any rate, Zelda has to be among the top few game franchises of all time, not just in sales, but in mindshare. Personally, my favorite is still A Link To The Past on SNES. Agree? Disagree? Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how awesome these games have been.

There we go. Thanks for all the good times, Link (and link-alikes).

And one last thing that may blow your mind if you didn’t know it already:

Yeah, they’re all on the same map. So awesome.