4SquareAnd7YearsAgo Knows Where You Checked-In Last Year

From the folks that brought you FlickSquare now comes 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo, a simple app that emails you with a reminder of where you checked in on Foursquare a year ago. All you need to do is sign into the app on FourSquare and the app will email you with last year’s checkins. That simple. And if you didn’t check-in on any given day the email skips.

Built at Foursquare Hack Day by Jonathan Wegener, Benny Wong and Matt Raoul the app has caught the attention of Foursquare founders as well as bloggers and industry notables. Says Wong, “You know that mode in Mariokart where you can race against yourself as a ghost?  Yeah, it’s kinda like that.” Indeed, plugging into the app and receiving the email is a delightful lesson in nostalgia, “Oh, I went there!” Don’t know how long it will endure, but for now it’s cool.

Wong is also thinking of including milestones like the top New York Times story for the day, the weather on the day, as well as other milestones in the daily email. He is even considering a making physical (paper) calendar for checkins as well as a checkin browser, when you can search for places you have checked in in the past.

But for right now though Wong is just reveling in the serendipity caused by the app, moments like this and the one below where someone checked in an ungodly number of times (the app fought back) making the execution totally worthwhile.

Top image: Dens