Come to Office Hours with TechCrunch Europe @TechHub

Attention European startups based in or passing through London.

I will be hosting regular “Office Hours” from now on so I can meet you and hear about your company.

I’m initially trying an experiment by publishing my calendar availability on Tungle here

My “Office Hours” will be in 15/20-minute sessions (one at a time only please), at TechHub, Ground Floor, 76-80 City Rd, London EC1Y 2BJ, UK (map) (it’s a co-working /hot-desking and desk space place for startups I co-founded, but it’s convenient as I generally work out of there when I’m in London).

The Tungle availability looks like 15 minutes, but in practice I only have 15 or maybe 20 minutes for an initial meeting. Right now I have 12 slots a week. And BTW, attending a meeting is not a guarantee of coverage on TechCrunch, sorry ;-)

If Tungle doesn’t work well I’ll try, but use Tungle for now as it syncs with my Google Calendar. Tungle also doesn’t seem to realise I might be away for a day somewhere, but we’ll see how it goes.

The slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please also tell me a little about your company in the Tungle invitation so I can at least get a preview of your product.

I am mainly interested in meeting startups in consumer Internet, technology, ecommerce, B2B, mobile, social, digital media, or VCs/angels. Thanks everyone, see you there.

P.S. Come to GeeknRolla too.

Update: I now have over 100 requests for meetings. I’m not ging to be able to do everything so some may be disappointed, at least initially, in the first ‘wave’. Apologies in advance. I’ll try to do as many as I am able, given the constraints of other work. Thanks.