Tradeshift Lights The Touchpaper – Integrates PayPal Into Free Invoicing Platform

Tradeshift, which describes itself as the “Skype for invoicing”, has integrated PayPal into its free e-invoicing platform for customers in the UK and the US. Now customers will be able to make direct payments of their invoices, resulting in faster transactions and reduced rates for international transfers compared to regular banks. All that’s required is a PayPal Business Payments account, which means they only pay a minimal flat rate regardless of how large the payment amount is.

Clicking the “Pay with PayPal” automatically populates the invoice, saving time and reducing human error. Clearly Tradeshift has decided to user PayPal as a way to get around global bank fund transfers. Tradeshift’s ‘social network’ for business transactions plus Paypal’s payment platform look like a killer combination.