Logitech To Stream Enterprise Video To iPads And iPhones

Cisco has long dominated the enterprise video conferencing world, but Logitech wants to change that. Logitech currently does video conferencing with their own version called the LifeSize video streaming system. As more and more business profressionals are skipping the airplanes and going for teleconferencing, Logitech sees an opportunity to gain some market share. And due the the large user base of iDevices in business, Logitech is going to support conferencing on iPads and iPhones first.

Logitech currently uses its LifeSize Video Center device for sending live and streaming video such as training sessions and company meetings to employees. Getting a web streaming service to run on an iDevice isn’t too hard. All they really had to do was tweak some software to recognize iDevices on the stream and adjust the bit rate for them. Right now, there wasn’t a mention if they web app would become a standalone app some day.

Currently, the app only supports one-way video conferencing. In order to be on camera, customers have to purchase a LifeSize endpoint such as the LifeSize 220. This could be a really neat thing for enterprise to catch up with the rest of the world. We’ve had Skype for how long now?