K'Nex Never Looked Scarier: The K’nexabeast

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This clever robot is made entirely of K’Nex blocks and a Picaxe 20×2 micro-controller. It can move “autonomously” and solve simple problems when it hits walls and gets under tables. While it’s not as magically dangerous as Big Dog, it’s still a cool little robot.

I’m using two GWS S35 continuous rotation servos set up as a differential drive – K’nexabeast can go forwards, backwards, left and right. I had started using K’nex motors that I hacked and wired through an H-bridge, but that approach was a complete failure as the motors didn’t have anywhere near the torque I needed. I’ve been pretty happy with the servos so far, but I’d like to try some other options and have been looking at different servos and geared motors.

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