HTC Flyer Gets €669 Price On

The Flyer, HTC’s first Android tablet, was just announced yesterday, sans price and release date as usual. But the German Amazon seems to have gotten wind of at least the pricing in that country: €669, for a 3G version. That translates to over $900 in the US raw, but minus VAT (~€130) it’s around $730 — a bit much for a 7-inch tablet that won’t ship with Honeycomb (though it will get an upgrade). Could they even put it at $699?

Comparisons to the Galaxy Tab are unfair, I think, but neither will sell many at that price. The iPad has set the bar nice and low at $500, and even if the improved specs of the new wave of tablets necessitate a higher price, I’m not sure the average consumer is going to see the benefit. This pricing may not even be official or international, though — so take the amount with a grain of salt and we’ll wait until we hear something more substantial.

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[via TabletBlog and Engadget]