Skype Can Get You Access To Over A Half-Million WiFi Hotspots Using Skype Credits

Sometimes using Skype can be a challenge —  no cell data and secured WiFi doesn’t help. Skype hopes to change that. They just announced at MWC they are expanding their Skype Access by partnering with eight international WiFi operators:

  • BT Openzone – The largest Wi-Fi hotspot provider in the UK.
  • Fon – This is billed as the “world’s largest Wi-Fi network.”
  • M3 Connect – Major German Wi-Fi provider.
  • Row 44 – An in-flight broadband platform that serves many international flights.
  • Skyrove – A hotspot provider in South Africa.
  • Spectrum Interactive – A Wi-Fi provider in the UK with a focus on the travel and media sector.
  • Tomizone – A Wi-Fi provider in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
  • Vex – A South African Wi-Fi provider.

This announcement brings Skype Access’ total hotspots to 500,000 around the world, including 500 airport and 30,000 hotels. Skype users will be able to pay per minute for the WiFi using Skype credits, instead of having to use another service that makes you pay for a day.

[via engadget]