Kno Tablet Pre-Orders Shipping In 60 Days

The Kno is finally nearer its release. Call us skeptical Sams, but this isn’t the first time we’ve danced to this song. The Kno was supposed to ship last year. That didn’t happen. But the company just confirmed with us that pre-order customers were notified their tablet should reach them in the middle of April as reported by eBookNewser. That gets the education tablet in buyers hands just in time for Spring semester with full shipment hopefully green-lighted well before Fall 2011 starts.

Kno can confirm that we reached out to pre-order customers last week to advise them that we expect to have a product within 60 days.

Kno still has work to do. Shipping the tablet is just part of their plan. They need digital versions of textbooks, too. Without these the Kno is just another tablet destined to fail. Can’t have a party without guests, right. At least the party is on the books now. That’s a good start.