Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order Bonuses Include Spiffy Hat

You know that Duke Nukem Forever will be released on May 3 (barring some sort of actual alien invasion), but do you know what sort of pre-order bonuses are in store? You do now~!

Like with most games these days—annoyingly, I might add—separate bonuses will be available at separate stores.

At mighty GameStop you’ll get a bit of exclusive DLC: an in-game ego boost, big head mode, and a t-shirt pack. Meh.

At mighty Walmart you’ll get a nifty Duke Nukem Forever trucker hat. I think I’m right in saying that trucker hats are a few years out of that ironic style situation, but I’d still rate the hat higher than the DLC.

That’s the only such pre-order bits announced. That said, there’s also the Duke Nukem Balls of Steel Edition, which includes a good amount of stuff, to be fair, not least of which is a bust of Duke himself.

I’d love to see magazine scans from the late 1990s previewing the game, and seeing how it compares to the final product. Anyone have old issues of GamePlayers or GamePro laying about?