Scaloupe: USB Camera To Check Your Scalp, Post Info On Twitter (Video)

If you’re constantly worried about the condition of your hair and/or scalp, this gadget from Japan might help you: the so-called Scaloupe [JP] is a USB 2.0 camera that makes it possible to check your scalp and also shoot close-up pictures of it.

Just connect the Scaloupe to your PC via USB and hold it over your head to check what’s going on on your computer’s screen. When you see something suspicious, you can make a picture to further investigate later (for example to check how the effect of the new shampoo on dandruff).

The software coming with the 0.3MP camera just supports Windows XP/Vista/7, but it allows you to post pictures to your followers on Twitter automatically (no joke).

The Scaloupe is offered by a company called Spec Computer in Japan ($95). Ask specialized online store Rinkya to get one for you if you live outside Japan.

This video (in English, shot by our friends over at Diginfonews in Tokyo) provides more insight: