Netflix Finally Lands On The Boxee Box

Smooooooch! That’s Avner Ronen of Boxee Box wishing all the Boxee Box owners a happy Valentine’s Day with a big wet Netflix kiss. The streaming media service just hit box and will certainly makes some Boxee Box owner’s day with ability to browse the Netflix streaming catalog right from the box.

Netflix was supposed to hit the Boxee Box by the end of 2010. That’s what the official website said even up until last week. Then it was supposed to hit in January. Clearly that didn’t happen. Boxee was getting its fair share of flack over the delay thanks to the constant cycle of missed deadlines.

Now with Netflix on board, what are the Boxee forums and fan sites going to complain about? Well, there’s still the occasionally lag in the UI and the box likes to lock up once in a while. Subtitles randomly start with locally-stored movies and the browser could be a bit faster. So yeah, the lack of Netflix was the main bitching point before, but the system certainly still has enough bugs to keep the forums rocking.

Automatic firmware updates will roll-out later this week, but owners can force the download now by manually initiating a firmware update.