More Hands-On Pics With The Xoom And Its Wireless Keyboard

You already know about the Xoom, Motorola’s big foray into the Android tablet world, but I thought I’d get some shots of the guy while I was over in Motorola’s booth here at Mobile World Congress. The device, as we’ve noticed, has a pleasant chunkiness to it but isn’t over-large. Its screen is nice, the OS is responsive, and the specs are competitive with what’s out there. Here are our latest hands-on pics of it and its cute wireless keyboard:

The keyboard is reminiscent of Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, though of course this one is black and evil-looking. The dock for the Xoom was a bit difficult to get the tablet onto, but it held it securely while you typed away wirelessly.

I think it’s a handsome device, but I do think that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 might have it beat on ergonomics. I’ll have to steal one of each and do a little comparison.