Millennial: For The Second Month, Android Leads iOS For Mobile Ad Impression Share

Millennial Media has released its monthly mobile report this evening, and it looks like Android has continued its reign at the top of the network in terms of mobile ad impression share, after overtaking iOS for the top spot in December 2010. Millennial, whose ads reach 63 million of a total of 77 million mobile web users in the U.S., or 81 percent of the U.S. mobile web; is reporting that Android ad impression share increased by 8 percent month-over-month to capture 54 percent of the network’s ad impressions in the U.S. in January. iOS trailed behind with 28 percent of mobile ad impression share, which is decrease of 4 percent. RIM followed with a 14 percent impression share, down 2 percent from last month.

Apple iOS ad requests increased 47% month-over-month, with Android requests growing by 32% month-over-month. RIM requests remained relatively flat month-over-month, Symbian requests increased 24% and iPad requests increasing by 43% from December.

Smartphones increased 10% month-over-month in January and accounted for 66% of the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device Impression Share on the network. iOS continues to dominate the Connected Device category, largely due to the popularity of the iPad.

Apple continues its reign as the leading device manufacturer on Millennial’s network, with 26 percent of the Top 15 Manufacturers impression share in January, a 24 percent increase month-over-month. But Android manufacturers are continuing to grow as well. HTC grew 36 percent in January to claim the number two position and Samsung moved to the number three position, with the the Samsung Epic and the Samsung Galaxy 5 entering the Top 30 Mobile Devices for the
first time in January.

RIM continued its domination in terms of the number of devices on the list, wth five of the Top 30 Mobile Devices with a combined impression share of 10 percent in January
Smartphones accounted for 23 of the Top 30 Mobile Devices with a combined impression share of 55 percent, up 15 percent in January.

While last month’s report certainly favored Android in terms of growth, January’s Mobile Mix report indicated that iOS is still growing, and beating Android, in terms of ad requests. According to a new IDC report, Millennial is the third largest network behind Google AdMob and Apple’s iAd, so data shared on Millennial’s network is certainly indicative of the state of mobile advertising.

But there’s no hiding that Android is continuing to grow in terms of both reach and sales, and that means that more users are interacting with advertising on the platform.