More Hands-On Pictures With The Galaxy Tab 10.1

We’re here at Mobile World Congress, and the brand new Galaxy S 10.1 was one of our first stops. My first impression? I like it. The larger size screen combines nicely with the different aspect ratio to make something that’s a nice medium-large size, and the grippy, sculpted back cover is a joy to hold. Of the several tablets I handled today (more hands-on posts on the way), I think this one is my quick-judgment favorite.

It’s hard to say whether it really runs Android 3 better than the other tablets here, but it ran it smoothly and the touchscreen was responsive. The 1280×800 display (the new standard resolution for tablets) looked sharp, though it will of course be sharper on smaller devices. The extra inch or so of vertical room makes it feel spacious compared to the iPad.

I can’t say it felt especially light, but I only held it for a few minutes in a crowd, and didn’t get to recline with it. The rear, though, is covered with a great coating and has little ridges to make it more grippable. It really does feel nice and aids with one-handed holding.

We’ll have video later!