Duke Nukem Forever "Balls Of Steel Edition" Is Swag-Excessive

If you’re one of the rabid Duke Nukem fanboys who has truly been looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever these last 10 years, this may be the special edition for you. It may not include functional night-vision goggles, like Modern Warfare 2 did, but it does have a bust of Duke.

The “Balls of Steel” edition comes with an avalanche of tchotchkes: a comic, art book, certificate of authenticity, some dice and a deck of cards, and more. And of course a copy of the game.

No word on where you can get this just yet. The May 3 release date is still a ways off, though, so I expect we’ll get a separate announcement of this edition in the next couple months. And I don’t even want to think about how much it will cost.