February 13: 3net, World's First 24/7 3D Television Network, Debuts On DirecTV

The very first 24/7 3D television network will launch on February 13. It’s called 3net, and it’ll debut on DirecTV channel 107. It’s a joint venture between Sony, Discovery Communications, and IMAX. Very, very exciting news for the 15 people in the audience who bought a 3DTV.

The channel launches with two “one-hour, native 3D original programs.” They are China Revealed and Forgotten Planet. Another bit of programming, Into The Deep 3D, makes its television debut that same night.

DirecTV makes in seem that everything is great:

Quality 3D programming is vital to the success and increased adoption of the technology, and with industry leaders like Discovery, Sony and IMAX making a commitment to this category, it is clear that 3D is here to stay and is only going to get better.

Sure it will. Well, actually, it’s hard for 3DTV to get any worse.