Facebook Now Has 149M Active Users In The U.S.; 70 Percent Log On Daily

This morning, at a joint event held by Ogilvy and Buddy Media, Facebook’s head of U.S. agency relations Sarah Personette, revealed a number of statistics about the global usage on the social network. According to Facebook, 149 million Americans now actively use the social network (as of 2009, the network had 100 million active users in the U.S.). And 70 percent of these active users in the U.S. log on to the social network daily.

Personette also revealed a few other country specific numbers—France has 22 million active users, with 65 percent returning daily; the UK has 29 million active users, and Canada has 19 million active users. We contacted Facebook for confirmation and were issued this response “we’re not offering guidance on the matter.” Odd, considering that Personette presented the data to the public at the event.

While we’ve heard some of the numbers regarding active users (Facebook says its has over 500 active users), these appear to be new. Generally, 50% of the networks active users log on to Facebook daily, but in these major countries mentioned, it appears that the rate is much higher. And Socialbakers reveals country-specific data via Facebook’s advertising tool.

Hat tip to Michael Lazerow