LG: The PS3 Infringes On Our Patents, So We Want It Banned


What exciting times we live in, what with word that Sony has plans to subpoena a boatload of Web sites and individuals in an attempt to track down the members of fail0verflow and other PS3 hackers. Good luck with that. But wait, what’s this? Now LG wants to ban the sale of PS3s here in the US of A because of a patent dispute? In the words of Scott Hall, two sweet!

LG alleges that the PS3 infringes on as many as four patents related to the playback of Blu-ray discs, and has subsequently asked the United States International Trade Commission to disallow the further importation of the video game console until their lawyers figure out what’s going on. (A separate lawsuit has also been filed with the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California, and it covers other, non-PS3 devices, including PCs and digital cameras.)

The FOSS Patents blog says this could all me a matter of revenge. Sony filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission last December over some of LG’s mobile phone patents. So what better way to fight a patent complaint than by filing a completely unrelated patent claim?

That’s pretty much where we are now, complaints lodged and awaiting rulings. I suggest you pass the time by listening to the Tropico 3 soundtrack.