Jagex, the games studio behind RuneScape, raises further funding

Jagex, which claims to be the UK’s largest independent games developer and publisher and is the company behind the popular MMOG RuneScape, has raised new funding from Insight Venture Partners, Spectrum Equity Investors and The Raine Group. The undisclosed investment will “enable Jagex to accelerate growth of its development and publishing capabilities.”

As part of the arrangement, Chris Mitchell and Jim Quagliaroli of Spectrum Equity, and Brandon Gardner and John Salter of Raine, will join Jagex’s board of Directors. Mark Gerhard, along with Jeff Horing and Alex Crisses from Insight Venture Partners, will continue to serve as Directors.

Cambridge, UK-based Jagex has over 40 online titles and its flagship game, RuneScape, makes the bold claim of being the world’s most popular free-to-play massively multi-player online game. Alongside the company’s in-house development studio, Jagex is also expanding to become a third-party publisher for other games developers. The first third-party title published by Janex is War of Legends, while the company plans to release numerous third-party games throughout the next 12 months.