If Sarah Lacy's New Book Hits #1, We're Throwing A Party

Last night I reviewed TechCrunch Editor Sarah Lacy’s new book Brilliant Crazy, Cocky: How The Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit From Global Chaos.

It shot up from #23 on the list of top entrepreneurship books to #2 overnight. And that’s just for the Kindle. The hardcopy is also for sale on Amazon but hasn’t hit physical bookstores yet.

Here’s the thing. We don’t like being #2. We like being #1. And we’re almost there. So if you people just buy a few more copies of the book, and you sure won’t be disappointed, it’ll be at the top of the list.

And then we’ll be throwing a party. We’re thinking March 9 in San Francisco. With an open bar.

So get to it people. We need to put this whole Paul Carr thing behind us, and celebrate the good things in life.

Update: It hit the top spot! And is currently at no. 5 on the top business books.