CrunchGear's Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Guys

Your guy is great, am I right? He’s fun, he makes you laugh, and he can, in a pinch, be counted on to do laundry. He even, occasionally, shaves! Why not reward this positive behavior the way Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, rewards an unruly dog: through forceful direction and, when the time is right, kind words and a treat.

Here are a few great items for your geeky SO this Valentine’s Day and we’ve tried to find items that you can pick up in the next few days. While it’s always nice just to go out for dinner and a movie, why not make this year a bit more special?

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool – Every man needs a multi-tool. These things have screwdrivers, knives, and pliers stuck in a package about as big as a candy bar and they never, ever break. He’ll have this for years and every time he strips a wire or whittles down a shim, he’ll think of you. (About $80)

Louis CK’s Hilarious – Nicholas turned the entire team onto Louis CK and we all agree that he’s the best living comic out there today. His rant on cellphones and airplanes is hilarious and this movie is wild. Don’t want it on DVD? Grab it from Netflix or download it from iTunes. The best thing? You can watch it together.

WickedLasers Spyder III Pro Arctic Series – This laser goes all the way up. WickedLasers makes some crazy stuff and this amazing laser is no exception. Your lad can pop balloons, paint imaginary bombing targets, and generally freak everyone out during pub quiz. ($299.95)

Keyport Slide – It doesn’t really matter if your man has as one key or six, the Keyport Slide doesn’t care. It holds them all in a state of readiness. The latest version even ships with a flash drive and bottle opener. It’s a tad bit more expensive than a keyring at $79.99, but style doesn’t come free.

Dydo Hot Cake Mix Drink ~ Pancake Essence Beverage – If your SO is a foodie, this might be the best present in the world. It’s a drink that tastes like pancakes. Add in some Pepper Bacon Doritos Twists (about $10) and you’ve got breakfast. Barring that, pick him up a beer brewing kit ($116) from Northern Brewer or a set of ceramic knives from Kyocera ($79).

Logitech K800 – I’ve fallen in love with this ultra-thin, ultra-nice backlit wireless keyboard. The K800 has a full numerica keypad, a rechargable battery that lasts for ever, and it works with Macs (After a bit of hacking). ($99)

A Gift Card – Why worry about the fuss and muss of buying a real item? Head over to ThinkGeek or Adafruit Industries to get him a gift certificate for some real geek gear.

Extra Super Expensive Idea

A Makerbot Thing-o-Matic – This thing is a bit expensive and it takes a while to deliver, but if your man is a Maker then he may get a huge kick out of this. It’s a machine that builds parts out of extruded plastic and it’s literally amazing. If your guy already has everything, this will allow him to make everything. ($1,225)

And finally, by unanimous decision, The Ultimate Best Valentine’s Present

An All Guys Star Wars/LOTR/Whatever Marathon

1. Ensure he gets you something nice for V-Day. Confirm receipt and then explain to him what’s going to happen next.
2. Buy a lot of beer, chips, microwavable foods and a full set of his favorite movie. Invite a bunch of his friends over. Sit them on the couch for 12 hours. Leave.
3. ????
4. Return home to enjoy the company of the happiest man on Earth.