Verizon iPhones Arriving Now

Did you pre-order a Verizon iPhone when they went up for grabs last week? If so, I hope you’re giddily pacing back and forth on your stoop — that thing’s very likely coming today.

We knew the first few batches of VZW iPhones had managed to start their journey a bit early last week, after the status of a bunch of orders changed to reflect that they’d shipped. However, we figured that someone would put the kibosh on their actual delivery until the intended launch date of the 10th. Nope!

According to a quick Twitter search, people started getting this things as early as 7 A.M in New York this morning. Since then, there’s been a near constant trickle of deliveries across the country. For all the people stuck at work with trackers promising a delivery sometime this afternoon, this one’s for you: