The Great Valentine's Day Kindle Case Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is next week. Surprised? Probably. Good thing there’s still time to get a great gift and nothing says “Be Mine” like a high quality Kindle case.

We rounded up a bunch of his and her Kindle cases and they would all make fantastic gifts. There’s something here for everyone and with not one costing more than $50, you’re not tapping too much into the coffee can for that silly holiday. Of course we couldn’t feature cases from every manufacturer, so if we missed your fav, sound off in the comments. Got a Nook Color? Your case round-up is coming tomorrow.

M-Edge Cambridge Jacket

This is a handsome case. Leather bound and lined with a wool twill.  Inside is room for several cards and a bit of notes and magnets are employed to keep the case closed. The simple but stately design wins me over and would appeal to both men and women. The only downside are the secure, but a bit unsightly loops needed to hold the Kindle in place.  $44.99 @

M-Edge GO! Jacket

The Classic Jacket isn’t fancy. There’s nothing flashy about it, but that’s just fine. Just like the Cambridge Jacket case above, the Classic Jacket is simple. Outside is made out of patent leather and embossed like crocodile skin while soft microsuede lines the interior. The overall size is surprisingly thin, too. $34.99 and available in tons of colors @

Moleskine e-Reader Cover

Disclaimer: This case isn’t designed for the Kindle 3 but rather for the slightly larger Kindle 2. Because of this, the latest generation Kindle just doesn’t fit right in the case, which is a total shame because this case is without question the best-constructed Kindle case in this round-up. The exterior cover is done in Moleskine’s trademark style and the interior suede screams rub me. There’s even a spot for a Moleskine Volant Notebook, which of course adds to the overall thickness but not to the point of unnecessary bulk. It’s a steal at $39.99, but I wouldn’t trust it with the Kindle  — but the Nook Color fits perfectly.

Dodocase Kindle Case

It wouldn’t be a case round-up without a Dodocase product. These handmade cases ship out of a former book binding facility in San Francisco. It shows, too. The case looks and feels just like a pocket size leather book and the Kindle is held in place with four bits of rubber in a bamboo frame. It’s a clever but questionable design as it’s possible the glue holding the rubber in place will either likely break away after excessive Kindle remove or the bamboo frame could warp. However, Greg tested the iPad version extensively over a couple of months and found that it held up fine. Green not your thing? There are six color options available at where it sells for $49.99.

M-Edge Antique Jacket

You know those expensive leather cowboy hats that look and smell like they would last forever? The ones that look all fresh, but still a bit distressed with small scratches and flaws from sitting on a shelf? This is the Kindle case version. The exterior leather is 100% oil rubbed leather and feels fantastic. While the outside is bit too much for my taste, especially the keyhole debossed thing on the front, the interior felt that looks and feels like wool is wonderful. Like the other M-Edge cases, magnets keep the case closed and there’s a bit of storage on the inside flap. $49.99 @

Bonus Obvious Choice: Kindle Lighted Cover

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. The Amazon Lighted cover is probably one of the best Kindle cases you can get, especially since it connects directly to the Kindle using a set of hooks and latches and includes a pull-out light that will never run out of juice as long as your Kindle is charged. The little light takes power from your Kindle itself and it is almost invisible when retracted. It’s a bit pricier than some of these other cases but if you’re looking for a protective and well-made cover for your 6-inch Kindle, this is the one to beat. $59 @ Amazon