Sprint's Secret Unveiling Tonight… Is A Dual-Screen Phone?

I woke up with a bit of a spring in my step this morning when I realized today Sprint would be holding a special press conference (with a surprise performance by David Blaine!) tonight. Originally we suspected that they would announce a Palm device but it seems all the hullabaloo is over a dual-screened Kyocera phone called the Echo.

The Echo has two little screens and can fold shut or turn into a dual-sided tablet thing. It runs Android and, according to <a HREF="via WSJ, it allows users to “accomplish multiple tasks on the two screens, or drag items from one screen to the other.”

You can check this weird thing out for a sense of what it will look like, but I’m totally deflated today. We don’t really need another form-factor and I worry that this will be as ill-fated as the Sprint Upstage, a truly horribly designed phone. At lease David Blaine will be there. Maybe he’ll stick Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, into a glass box and make him disappear.