Mark Your Calendars: Our Mobile Event Coverage For February Is Jam-Packed

February is a strange month. It’s a month wherein college-trained weathermen around the country are temporarily supplanted by a rodent. It’s a month wherein we show our love for one another by giving each other crap like this.

It’s also the month wherein the mobile industry opens its floodgates, releasing a mega-blast of new hardware at a rate that goes unmatched for the rest of the year. Just about every major player in the mobile industry announces something this month (except for Apple, though shaky rumors indicate even they might do something), and most of’em tend to announce at least two or three somethings.

Don’t want to miss a thing? Have your calendar at the ready and take a peek behind the jump for an overview of all the Mobile events we’ll be covering/live blogging this month.

February Mobile Event Live Blogs:

(All times listed are Pacific Standard Time)

February 7th at 3 P.M : Sprint’s Secret Unveiling with David Blaine. (Event over. They announced the Kyocera Echo. Miss the liveblog? Catch up on it here.)

February 8th at 10 A.M: Dell’s “Dell Means Business” Event (Event over. It was much less mobile-focused than we were promised, with the only somewhat mobile thing being a 10″ Windows 7 Tablet mockup that they showed for 30 seconds. Liveblog is right here.)

February 9th at 10 A.M: HP/Palm’s “Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond” event. (Event over. They announced the Pre 3, the Veer, and the Touchpad tablet. They also announced a new head of Developer Relations. Liveblog is here.)

February 13th: Our coverage of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona begins
February 13th at 9 A.M.: Samsung’s MWC Press Conference
February 13th at 9 A.M.: Sony Ericsson’s MWC Press Conference

February 14th at 2 A.M.: LG’s MWC Press Conference
February 14th at 7 A.M.: Microsoft’s MWC Keynote with Steve Ballmer
February 14th at 9 A.M.: Samsung US’ MWC Press Conference Gathering-thing (Update: We’ve just been informed of a schedule change. This is no longer a press conference — just a cocktail hour of sorts. Not sure why that changed, but we no longer expect any new devices to be announced at this event. Thus, no liveblog.)

February 15th at 12:30 A.M.: HTC’s MWC Press Conference

We’ll be at each one of these events, bringing back the news at a breakneck pace. Tune in for all the news!