i.μ's: Hitachi Announces Two New Portable Audio Players

Hitachi Japan today announced [JP] two new models that will be added to their so-called “i.μ’s” line of portable audio players. Both devices offer 4GB of internal memory, play MP3 and WMA files, and are available in various “pop” colors.

The i.μ’s HMP-S104, the more basic of the two devices, comes with a small screen (128×64 dots) and a USB port. It will be available in the colors you see on the pictures below (price: $49).

The i.μ’s HMP-V204 (pictured on top of this post) also features a USB port, but it offers a 2-inch color screen (176×220), displays JPEG and BMP files, and also has an FM radio built in (price: $61).

Hitachi plans to start selling the players in Japan only on February 14. Ask specialized online store Geek Stuff 4 U if you really need a portable audio player from Japan.