Gogo Inflight Is Actually Making Money

According to a BusinessInsider interview, Gogo in-flight wireless is doing well and just raised another $35 million in capital to keep the lights on and the in-flight Wi-Fi flowing. Aircell, Gogo’s parent company, says that the service served 3 million sessions between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Google offered free Gogo on all flights during this period.

In-flight Internet is, in a word, great. However, I worry that it is severely hampering my movie watching time these days as I’m encouraged to write and work during flights as opposed to read magazines and watch movie’s I wouldn’t normally watch with the lady wife like The Box and Pootie Tang. Gogo is available on American, United, Delta, Virgin America, and Air Canada and airlines love it, as Dan Frommer points out, “because it’s a way to distract passengers and generate revenue at the same time — unlike installing TV sets and on-demand movies, which costs money.”