Audioboo allows any iPhone app to add user voices – Signs big media partners

AudioBoo, the social sound sharing startup, has developed an iPhone framework that gives drag and drop audio recording functionality to any iPhone app. That means any app developer can now add Audioboo recording functionality to their app, thus adding a new kind of social functionality. Apps developers can sign up for an API key, download a Zip file and easily incorporate Audioboo functions, allowing users to share audio from within a iPhone app containing, say, recipes.

But that’s probably not what will immediately kick off a new wave of users. Audioboo plans to officially launch this with a number of high profile media partners “in a couple of weeks” including the BBC, ABC Australia, Guardian, Aljazeera, Sky News and more all trialling the beta versions of the new platform that works with the plugin. A revamp of the Android version of the app will bring it up to par with the iPhone and have a similar plugin environment.

Audoboo CEO and founder Mark Rock believes this will “fundamentally change the nature of how audio is captured and then distributed on the Internet.”

Clearly this will give audioboo a lot of potential for scale compared to competitors like SoundCloud and Cinch who continue to rely on user-generated growth.

SoundCloud recently entered into the spoken word space, technically the “patch” of Audioboo. Audioboo was technically the first in 2009 to make voice “social” but it’s been joined by others like Broadcastr, Cinch and also iPadio, though iPadio is more enterprise focused. However, Soundcloud’s music focus has given it an impressive range of features in manipulating sound, while Audioboo has concentrated on dealing with broadcasters and media martners.