Toshiba's Naked-Eye 3D TVs Aren't Selling Well (In Japan)

Nobody wants TVs requiring glasses to view pictures in 3D, and as it turns out, even glasses-free 3D TVs don’t sell like hot cakes. Case in point: Toshiba’s naked-eye 3D REGZA TVs (a 12- and a 20-incher) that went on sale in Japan a couple of weeks ago. According to Bloomberg, Toshiba clearly missed their initial monthly sales target of 1,000 units of each model.

Apparently, the company sold just 500 units of the big and even less than that of the small model. The sluggish sales might have something to do with the high prices the TVs go for ($1,430 for the 12-incher, $2,870 for the 20-inch model). As a consequence, Toshiba president Osumi wants his company to begin offering bigger models.

During the CES this year, Toshiba already showcased prototypes of 56-inch and 65-inch naked-eye 3D TVs. The company plans to start selling big-size 3D TVs in America and Europe in the future.