Sirius XM Launches New Web Player, Merges Web Sites

The last vestiges of XM Radio (and Sirius) are no more, and we are now living in a decidedly Sirius XM world The old Web site,, now re-directs to, and there’s a new Flash-based player to replace the old player. How I yearn for the days when Team XM feuded with the little doggy company!

The new player will take some getting used to, but thankfully there’s a handy tutorial to teach us how to make our way around it. (The embedded video shows off the tutorial. If there’s an ad there, don’t yell at me; I’m not in charge of that type of thing.) Nice to see Howard Stern so prominently featured—there’s an entire button dedicated to the man! News, Talk, Entertainment, Sport, HOWARD STERN.

Sound quality seems identical, although I will say 202(friends) seems to be stuttering a bit right now. I didn’t notice that this morning listening to O&A (but I listened then using the iOS App, so who knows what’s going on).

Oh, nice: the player just crashed.