Robonaut To Make Special Pre-Game Appearance At Super Bowl

Although NASA and GM’s Robonaut is more suited to spacewalks than end-zone dances, the little guy is still going to make a Super Bowl appearance. R2, as he’s called, will appear in a pre-show segment and… do I know not what. It’s not like he’s an android, so the whole thing will be a bit scripted, I’m sure. With his magic hands he can probably throw a perfect spiral, though, unlike me. My hands are tragic.

He has a speaker where his mouth is, so I suppose he’ll be discussing his picks with Howie Long. But his software isn’t designed for sports analysis, so I’m thinking it’s really the NASA team’s picks. Boy, I should be a detective or something.

At any rate, the pre-game show starts at 11AM Pacific, so tune in, grab some wings, and watch a robot talk about football. Welcome to the future.