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Multinational Startups: The Future Or A Doomed Idea? (TCTV)

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In our second segment with Ankur Jain of the Kairos Society, we talk about the idea of multinational startups.

A lot of startups like to say they are “global from day one,” but typically that’s just marketing. Most of the startups I know who have tried to be truly global from day one– focusing explicitly on several big markets at once with co-founders spread around the globe– have said later they didn’t recommend it. Many entrepreneurs would argue there is just something about facetime, coding in the same room, and building a project physically together that is core to how a startup works and a culture is built. After all, it’s hard to be nimble when you’re navigating cultural, language and time-zone chasms.

Nevertheless, Jain thinks it’s the future. He explains why in the video below.

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