iOS 4.3 Launching For Everyone On February 14th?

It’s pretty much a standard operation at this point: Apple releases one Beta version of iOS — then about two weeks later, they release another. Two weeks after that? Another beta. Right around this point — around the third or fourth Beta — the whispers surrounding a potential release date begin.

Apple just shipped Beta 3 of iOS 4.3 a few days ago, and sure enough: the release date whispers have begun.

According to MacStories and their “reliable source”, iOS 4.3 should be hittin’ iPhones around the world on the flower industry’s favorite day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Take this one with a grain of salt for now, though; a handful of rumors have been floating around pinning the launch on dates both a few days earlier and a few days later. With that said, just about all of the rumors pin the launch sometime around the middle of February.

Gentleman, be sure to pay 100% attention to your phone on Valentine’s Day, especially during any dinner dates you may have set up. Yeah, yeah, it’s a special day — but you’ve gotta find all the new tricks Apple has packed in. Plus, as they say: “Being ignored makes the heart grow fonder.” That’s the saying, right?