How To Get A Job At Apple

Our sassy little friends at ElectricPig have put together an interesting guide to getting a job at Apple. Considering it would be bad ass to ride around in Apple’s white, invisibility cloaked Mecha all day fighting bad guys and watching over the earth from three hundred miles in space, checking it out might be worth your time.

What’s the best route to get past the gatekeepers? An internal recommendation. In the old days, if you wanted to get a job at Apple you had to sit in front of their gate for a full month, eating little and drinking only rainwater. Now, it’s much easier:

It’s easier than it sounds, and getting yourself talent-spotted is often a direct route into the Cupertino campus. In the earlier days of Apple, recruiting was often done on the recommendations of existing employees and while there are more spaces to fill now, Apple still places emphasis on referrals.

Apple staff are usually happy to recommend newbies for upcoming jobs (as long as you have the relevant experience and skills, of course), and they even get a payment for the privilege.

You can read the rest of the guide here and when you hop aboard that Mecha, please fly by my house with a green iPod Nano. Thanks!