Exclusive: Tremor Media Acquires Mobile Video Ad Platform Transpera

Tremor Media is making another acquisition today—mobile ad platform Transpera. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Transpera’s ad platform enables the distribution and monetization of web videos on mobile phones. With the Attention Network, the company offers publishers a way to monetize off of mobile video ads and gives advertisers a way to market their wares by serving targeted ads in the form of interactive display banners, pre-roll videos, overlay ads, post-roll experiences and mini sites.

And Transpera says its ad platform provides the highest revenue per impression; its video ads delivered through Transpera can be placed across the mobile Web and on a variety of platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android and of course BlackBerry. Transpera’s network includes publisher brands such as AccuWeather.com, CBS News, Discovery Communications, MSNBC.com, MTV, Travel Channel and more. The startup has raised a total of $17.3 million in funding from Flybridge Capital Partners, First Round Capital, Intel Capital, Labrador Ventures, JLA Ventures, Canaan Partners, RBC Venture Partners, and BlackBerry Partners Fund.

So why does Tremor Media want Transpera? Tremor Media, which is one of the largest video ad networks on the web, is eying a share of the mobile video ad market. And now Tremor can offer its advertisers the ability to target consumers on a number of platforms within one campaign buy.

Tremor has steadily been growing its network; most recently acquiring streaming ad placement service provider ScanScout. And according to comScore’s latest video metrix data, Tremor Media is the largest video ad network on the web, with 1 billion ad views in December (only behind Hulu). And in terms of total reach of the U.S. population, Tremor Media had the largest reach out of all video ad networks at 51.4 percent.

Of course, the company has pretty deep pockets in terms of funding. Tremor has raised just south of $80 million to date (half of which was secured in April of 2010). And Tremor’s fast growing revenues are on track to top $100 million in 2011.