Google Employee Redirects To Google Jobs Page

In what is perhaps the most brilliant move in the whole Bing copies Google search results fiasco, it looks like Google Taiwan employee Chih-Chung Chang had redirected, a URL inspired by the nonsense terms Google used to bait Bing, straight to the Google Jobs page. Search Engine Land points out that that Chang registered the domain on February 1st, the day the story first broke, using the Google Taiwan office address.

A quick Google search reveals that a person by the name Chih-Chung Chang is a Google Taiwan employee and another search in ironically Bing (after Google mysteriously failed to bring up more informative results) reveals his email. I’ve emailed both him and Google for confirmation but it seems pretty clear that there’s an affiliation here.

Perhaps what’s most awesome about the whole thing is the big “Lets work together”  you get on the Google splash page after typing in the now infamous nonsense term hiybbprqag. One can’t help but think that Chang innocently bought the domain pre-emptively, in order to circumvent spammers, or worse, Microsoft.

Neither Google or Chang have returned my multiple requests for comment. Needless to say hiybbprqag now has tons of relevant results in both Google and Bing


Image via/ Search Engine Land

Thanks: gomery