Skype Rival Viber Hits 10M Downloads, Poised To Release Android App (Video)

Viber, which debuted its free calling service for the iPhone back in December, says 10 million people have already downloaded its mobile app (iTunes link). Pretty impressive feat when you consider the service is currently iOS-only and the milestone was reached in under two months.

But as MobileCrunch found out last week, Viber is poised to hit the Android platform in March. Consider that confirmed, as we can exclusively show you a video of the app in action:

With the app, Android users will be able to make free calls to both Android and iPhone users, which should make quite some waves upon launch. Users will still be able to dial cell numbers directly without having to register a username or add friends to a contact list, and make and receive calls over 3G or WiFi, free of charge. Quite a compelling proposition.

Next big feature: free text messaging. Can’t wait for that one (should land this month).