Somebody Buy Me This Oak And Ostrich Leather Arcade Stick, Pronto

Every once in a while I get a hankering to burn through a few virtual quarters playing Samurai Shodown or Metal Slug X on a NEO-GEO emulator, but the truth is I get little satisfaction out of it when I have to use a keyboard. Sure, I could use my 360 controller, but it just feels wrong. No, to truly get the feel of the classics, you need an arcade stick. And this is probably the fanciest arcade stick I’ve ever seen.

The Hoon/Neo Legend joystick is hand-made in Paris, and is constructed from lacquered oak, with ostrich leather casing. It’ll work with a PS3, 360, or PC,and should be available on the 18th.

Price is unannounced, probably because the ostrich leather alone costs as much as a normal arcade stick. I’m not sure if you’ll even be able to order one, or if you have to go to the actual joint to place an order. I kind of hope that’s the case. If I can’t have one, I don’t want anyone else to have one — except Parisians, obviously.

Actually it looks like you can pre-order at Hoon. so there’s that.

[via Pursuitist and Technabob]