Nokia DC-14 Battery Charger Now On Sale, Charges Your Phone While You Pedal

When Nokia showed off their cell phone charger by pedal power concept, they underestimated the response from customers. Why wouldn’t it get popular? It makes a lot of sense: transferring human energy to a more efficient gear setup, a bicycle, and running electronics off it. The idea of using a bike to power electronics isn’t new, in fact, most bike lights years ago used this method.

What’s interesting is that by keeping speeds up, around 8.7 mph or more, the energy created is the same as what you get by plugging into AC. The setup is dirt- and weather-resistant and the phone is locked down with a couple of straps. For developing countries with less access to power, this could become a great alternative, and it’s a green device for the rest of us.

It’s now on sale for £25 in Nokia’s UK store.

[via Slashgear]