For InMobi, Apple And Android Are Eating Up Global Mobile Ad Share

Global mobile ad network InMobi is making a big push to gain smartphone ad share. Back in June, it announced a $2 million promotion to get Apple and Android mobile app developers to serve up its mobile ads. By October, 2010, it was serving up 5.8 billion ad impressions on smartphones, according to a report it just put out (embedded below).

That represents 24 percent of the global ad impressions InMobi serves overall. In 90 days it increased its overall global ad impressions by 3.7 billion, up 18 percent. The ad impressions were split 40 percent in the U.S. and 60 percent globally.

InMobi’s network is feature-phone heavy, particularly with Nokia and other Symbian OS phones. Nokia is still the largest with a 19 percent share, but Apple iOS (16 percent) and Android (4.2 percent) combined are larger. And Nokia’s share dropped 6.6 points over 90 days, while Apple’s rose 6.0 points. Now the iPhone commands the largest share of ad impressions (13 percent) of any single device.

The smartphone impressions just kept going up after October. But here’s the thing, InMobi tells me that Android passed Apple’s iOS in the US  in December.

Consider all of this yet another data point showing how iPhone and Android are taking over the world.