Dropcam Gets An Android App

Dropcam is a pretty novel idea: Take a little camera, plug it into an outlet, plunk in your WiFi network settings, and boom — you’ve got a wireless security camera streaming to your own little private recess on the Internets, 24 hours a day. Once that’s done, you can pop into your living room to check on your treasures with just a few clicks on your PC, or a few taps on your iPhone.

But what about the Android users? Don’t they deserve the comfort of knowing that some dude isn’t makin’ off with their TV? Shouldn’t they be able to make sure the dogs haven’t turned the shoe rack into a chew-toy store? As of this morning, they can.

Earlier today, Dropcam launched their free viewing application into the Android Market. If you’ve got a Dropcam, great — just punch in your account details, and you should be good to go. Don’t have one? You can still poke around the application to check out a handful of public Dropcams they set up around San Francisco.

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