Augmented Reality-Powered Fishing Reel Toy

So you like to go fishing but have to sit in school or in your office all day? Takara Tomy might have the solution for you: their so-called “Virtual Master Real” [PDF] is essentially a fishing game built into some kind of “electronic fishing reel”.

While such a toy isn’t that original, the main bullet point here is the so-called Augmented Reality mode. In this mode, the reel “augments” the fishing experience by superimposing virtual fish over the real-world locations you film with the 0.3MP camera that’s built into the device (yes, you’ll be able to see people with swimming fish around them, for example).

Takara Tomy also says there will be force feedback, realistic sounds and reflexive action, for example when you catch a virtual fish.

The “Virtual Master Real” will go on sale in Japan in July (price: $77). Ask specialized stores like Rinkya to get one for you in case you don’t live in Japan.