Apple Seeks Photography Expert To Work On iPad

Apple has put out a new job listing looking for a digital photography expert to work on the iPad development team. So here is an honest answer to whether or not the iPad will ever have a camera. What’s interesting here is that they are looking for a digital photography expert, not a camera expert.

The position is at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino and the candidate with be a “dynamic software engineer with the drive and desire to deliver great photography applications for the Mac and iPad platforms.” Appleinsider thinks the position could have to do with the new Photo Stream feature found in earlier beta builds of iOS4.3:

A description of the MobileMe service said it would upload and store the last thirty days of photos and download them to “all of your devices.”

Also, remember that we saw wallpaper images from the second beta of iOS 4.2 that included new photo apps: FaceTime and Photobooth. Apple will likely use this new position to make the photography experience of iOS devices more satisfying.