Mixin Hits The Deadpool – Unless Anyone Wants To Buy The Social Calendar App?

Social calendaring service Mixin will soon be no more. In an email to its users, the Swiss startup has announced that the service, which was launched back in 2008, will be unceremoniously shut down on the 18th of February due to lack of significant revenues.

All data will be deleted, although users are given the opportunity to export their current agenda items.

We’re putting Mixin in the deadpool, although the team is still happy to talk to potential buyers. You can find out how to contact them, should you be interested, in the email.

Dear mixin user,

Just letting you know that mixin will close on the 18th of February. We’d like to thank you for your support since we launched the product in 2008.


To be very transparent, although the product received a warm welcome when we launched, we’ve found it hard to generate sufficient revenue to operate the business.

We know you really liked our many features. We also got a lot of interest in our offer for professionals, but even with this we have to step down.

What’s next for mixin?

mixin is for sale, the complete django-facebook-twitter platform with all brands and domains (mixin.com, mix.in). If you have any idea who could be interested or are interested yourself, please send us an email to mixinisforsale@gmail.com

What’s next for you?

Don’t worry, we will delete all agendas when we shut down the service. In between if you want to extract your current events, go to your agenda and click on “subscribe to your feeds” to view all export options. If you like the idea of social agenda and want to continue using a good one, we invite you to use the great Plancast from our friend Mark.

All the best for 2011,
The mixin team