Connected Adds A Comprehensive Personal Relationship Manager To Gmail

When Salesforce bought personal relationship manager Etacts last year, it subsequently shut it down, which angered many of its loyal users. Today, Connected is launching to fill the gap that Etacts left.

Connected is similar in a lot of ways to Gist, except that it hyper-focuses on your relationships within Gmail. Via a web app, Connected integrates with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Voice to become a personal relationship manager.

Connected builds comprehensive profiles for each of your contacts with your entire conversation history as well as their latest status updates, photos, and work history from across their social profiles. So you can easily access any relevant information in one place about a contact.

One of the more useful features that Connected offers is a personalized daily agenda that includes relevant information about all attendees of meetings on your schedule. The service will email you a daily agenda with conenctions’ latest correspondence with you via Gmail, Tweets, and updates on both facebook and LinkedIn. Connected will also intelligently discover opportunities for you to reconnect with your network by notifying you of birthdays, job changes, and more (via Facebook and LinkedIn integration) and send you notifications when you have not kept in touch with a contact.

Like Etacts, Connected takes a more human, personal approach to contact management. Connected’s founder, Sachin Rekhi was previously an entrepreneur-in-residence at Trinity Ventures, where he hatched the idea of Connected. Rekhi previously founded and sold to Imeem (which was then bought by MySpace).