Boxee Not Satisfied With Netflix, Boxee Boxes Cry Out In Content Hunger

Sigh. The Boxee Box launched with much fan fair in November. At that time, the promise was Netflix and Vudu would hit the box by the end of the year. A major firmware hit the device in December, but the app support wasn’t included. New Years came and went and then suddenly, Vudu hit the box in late January with the fleeting promise Netflix would come by the end of the month. Well, it’s February 1st and my Boxee Box is still missing Netflix. Now Boxee says there are security concerns. Sigh.

So the official word from Boxee right now is that while the Netflix app works, the company is not satisified with “Netflix’s security requirements.” That’s a hard reason to hate on the delay, but the promises are starting to get meaningless. What’s worse is the official Boxee Box product page still states, “Netflix and VUDU will be available by the end of 2010.” So yeah, either produce a realistic timeline or just stop talking about it until the app is ready for general consumption.