The Headbanger Headphone Concept Is More Extreme Than You

I think it’s a safe bet that the majority of readers do not experience life in the sort of way that would require HeadBanger earphones. Sure, I guess someone out there might enjoy a bit of parkour. Perhaps a few of you might even breakdance like the chap in the pic above. After all, we did see over 25 million unique readers last year so chances are not everyone is strapped to a desk like me. So for those seven extreme readers, this one is for you. (and everyone else who’s living in a dream)

The Headbanger’s unique feature should be visible: they’re headphones that use a headband rather than the traditional bended arm. This way, you know, you can rock out to Glee while tearing up the halfpipe or whatever it’s called. The designer turned to Skullcandy’s tradmark style for inspration. Right now Headbanger is just a concept over at Yanko Design, but I for one while likely never needing such an apparatus can fully appreciate the alternative design.