LG Continues The Thin-Bezel Love With New 47WV30 LED TVs

We all know LG hates bezels. Or loves thin bezels. One of those things. At any rate they are eliminating the thick bezels we all have on our TVs and monitors and replacing them with thinner ones. I love the trend, personally, but it takes more than a thin bezel to make a decent display. What else have you got, LG?

The new 47WV30 LED-backlit displays are 47″ and have, strangely, a 1366×768 resolution instead of straight 720p. More is usually good, but you don’t really want to be resizing your image up or down if you don’t have to. They’ve also got 700cd/m^2 and 1500:1 brightness and contrast ratings respectively. The really good part is the bezel, of course, which is less than 5mm wide, though I can’t make sense of the other measurements mentioned over at Akihabara News.

Will these make their way to our shores? Probably not, but hopefully some future iteration of this thin-bezel style will make its way over here. The full press release, for those of you perverse enough to like that kind of thing:

Amsterdam, Feb. 1, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) is to unveil the perfect video wall so-lution, the 47WV30 47-inch LED super narrow bezel monitor display, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2011, the biggest AV and integrated systems tradeshow on the continent. The 47WV30 provides an almost completely seamless image thanks to its super-narrow bezel while delivering optimum picture quality, greater user convenience and outstanding cost efficiency. “Globally, the market for multi-vision displays has been growing fast, with the 40- to 49-inch segment particularly in high demand,” said Jin-yong Kim, Senior Vice President of LG Commercial Display & Security Division. “We’ve used all our experience and in-house technology in consumer electronics to create the 47WV30 so that we could be a front-runner in the market right from the beginning.”

With a central focus on product differentiation, the 47WV30 provides industry-leading picture quality thanks to its adoption of direct LED BLU which is superior to LCD in terms of energy saving and lighting quality. And with a 6.9 mm seam size, the slimmest on any 40- to 49-inch display, the 47WV30 can connect seamlessly with other displays for a clearer, more expansive picture. In addition, a special “shine-out film” means the 47WV30 can display crystal clear images outdoors, even in brightness as high as 4,000 lux. The 47WV30 is also a leader in cost efficiency, with low energy use, high durability and low maintenance costs. Taken together, these add up to big savings for business owners.

The 47WV30’s customized and integrated solutions make the display extremely convenient to use and deliver tangible improvements to the workplace. In conjunction with SuperSign, LG’s digital signage software, the 47WV30 offers versatile, easily manageable displays for shopping malls, building lobbies or practically any other public places. With a depth less than 92 mm, the 47WV30 blends in with any environment, while its high resolution and zoom in and out functions make it ideal for surveillance in premises such as hospitals, security control rooms and traffic control centers.

That picture is cracking me up, by the way.